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World Management International is a marine service provider focused on chartering and operating tugs, barges, landing crafts and offshore support vessels. Diversity of our marine spread and flexibility of our mode of operations has enabled us to survive in some of the more challenging times of the marine industry in the Gulf region. Our services range from transportation of aggregates and small rocks mostly from Ras El Khimah to various destinations to operating our fleet within Abu Dhabi oil fields.

Since 2011 we have been managing a fleet of various marine units, mostly tug and barge combinations and landing crafts. The barges size range from 3,500 DWT up to 15,000 DWT. While the tugs HP capabilities range from 1,658HP to 4,750HP. We also operated a 63 LOA landing craft for ZADCO related projects, from 2011 until 2017. We are currently in the process of acquiring and operating offshore support vessels such as shallow draft shoal busters and shallow draft DP2 support vessels for Abu Dhabi oil field operations. In addition to the above mentioned, we can also supply bulk carriers from Supra Max size (53,000 – 63,000 DWT) up to Cape Size (up to 200,000 DWT as well as Handy Max and Panamax vessels based on long term contractual requirements. Such vessels can transport construction materials, heavy lifts, machineries, minerals, commodities ( sugar, wheat, corn, etc..) general cargo, etc..

We use highly competent teams of captains, crews and engineers who are responsible for all operational aspects and are available at all times to ensure the smooth running of our maritime operation. The teams are very experienced in working in oil field waters as evident in our projects. One of our main advantages is the very efficient and speedy manner by which such units are vetted in order to work in the oilfields. Yet, we are also versatile enough to employ the units to also transport small rocks including to regions such as Iraq.

Fleet List

We are eager to take on new challenges and support our clients to obtain the best logistical and affordable solutions for their projects


The tugs we deploy are mostly all less than 10 years of age enabling us to operate them in oil field operations. They are mostly used to tow the barges in a tug and barge combination modality. Two of the tugs we operate are equipped with bow thrusters. In addition to normal towing tugs we are currently looking to purchase relatively new offshore DP2 vessels for long term contracts with ADNOC group.

Vessel Particulars :

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Landing Crafts & Tankers

The 63 meter 2010 built landing craft we operate has been working for ZADCO projects since 2011. It has an impeccable record of high efficiency and very minimum breakdown time. We can also transport bulk bitumen within the Arabian Gulf waters using the 3,500 DWT bitumen tanker. Such a tanker is highly needed for the ongoing trade of bulk bitumen within the region. Moreover, we can transport fuel oil within the region using the 5,250 DWT tanker we operate.

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We are particularly proud of the two 10,000 DWT barges and the 15,000 DWT barge which are capable of transporting aggregates and rocks up to 300 KG with current deck protection. Such barges are in big demand in this region and most of our jobs have been done using those barges. The barges can be fitted with sidewalls or function as flat top barges. We have also fitted some of the barges with ramps when the client requested it. Deck protections can also be fitted in case rocks more than 300 kg are loaded on the barges. However, we do not usually allow for rocks over 1 ton to be loaded on our barges due to the damage it might cause.

Vessel Particulars :

Some of the projects we successfully completed

  • Transportation of aggregates and equipment for National Marine Dredging Company for their Upper ZACUM project from mid 2011 until end 2014. Seven units in total were employed. All marine units were ZADCO approved.
  • Transportation of steel pipes for NMDC from early 2012 to end 2012 using the 15,000 DWT barge and tug combination.
  • Transportation of aggregates from Steven Rocks to DAS island for INCON Group. All marine units were ADNOC vetted.
  • Transportation of aggregates and rocks for the New Doha Port project in Qatar in 2014.
  • Transportation of rocks up to 300 KG for Al FAW Port in Iraq in 2014 and 2015.
  • Transportation of various materials for the ZACUM 750 project using the 1,200 DWT landing craft from early 2015 to early 2016
  • Transportation of aggregates to Qatar and Bahrain from RAK using the 10,000 and 15,000 DWT barges in 2015 and 2016.
  • Transportation of aggregates with one of the smaller barges ( 3,400 DWT ) in Abu Dhabi in 2016.

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TEL : +971 2 6273666
FAX : +971 2 6262604

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